Knowledgeable Salem Criminal Defense Attorneys Fight for Clients’ Rights

Accomplished Missouri lawyers defend clients against felony and misdemeanor charges

Criminal charges should not be taken lightly, and you might face even more serious trouble without an experienced attorney at your side. At Parker Law LLC in Salem, we understand the challenges accused individuals face and offer high-quality criminal defense representation throughout Central Missouri. We also dedicate a portion of our caseload to personal injury cases and cases involving the wrongful death of a loved one. With 32 years of combined legal experience, we know what to expect from prosecutors and insurance attorneys. Whether you were arrested on suspicion of DUI, questioned for grand theft auto, or charged with homicide, we will conduct a detailed investigation into the facts of your case and make every legal effort to safeguard your rights. If you have been injured or lost a family member as a result of the negligence of another, we are prepared to seek the maximum recovery to hold the wrongdoer accountable.

Experienced counselors utilize comprehensive and effective legal strategies

The stakes are extremely high in criminal cases, and a skilled attorney can give you the best chance at a favorable outcome. Our lawyers have worked in many roles within the criminal justice system and have a deep understanding of how to mount a convincing and forceful defense. Clients of our firm benefit from the following:

  • Aggressive advocacy — Pressing legal issues require quick and decisive action to curtail negative consequences, and we are relentless in our pursuit of good results for our clients.
  • A track record of successful decisions — Our firm is highly adept at constructing compelling and solid arguments at trial and has consistently secured favorable outcomes for many clients facing serious criminal charges.
  • Personalized counsel — The stress of legal problems is hard to ignore, so we keep clients informed and involved to give them some peace of mind knowing their issue is being properly handled.

No matter how complex your situation may be, we will tailor our strategy to fit your situation and identify the key issues that are central to obtaining a positive outcome in your case.

Reputable advocates provide aggressive and attentive representation to Central Missouri residents

Our firm handles cases involving the following matters:

  • Criminal defense — Our firm offers thorough and unwavering criminal defense representation in a wide array of cases, including those involving allegations of assault and battery, gun and weapons crimes, vehicular homicide, theft, homicide, drug crimes, and DUI/DWI. We will vigorously fight for a reduction or dismissal of charges.
  • Personal injury — Without staunch representation, accident victims can be pressured into accepting inadequate settlements by insurance companies. We understand how important fair compensation is in personal injury and wrongful death claims, and will work to hold the responsible parties accountable for your pain and suffering.
  • Uncontested divorce — When you and your spouse agree on the key terms of your divorce, such as child custody arrangements and asset division, we can help you pursue an uncontested divorce.

Getting a fair day in court can be an uphill battle without adequate representation, and we will work to ensure the facts are accurately presented and your side of the story is heard by the judge and jury.

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